dProjects - version control system

dProjects is a web and rsync based version control system for project developing for small groups. It was originaly developed for a graphics studio for project version controlling.
There is a web interface for syncronization and view project files.
The basic idea of this version control system to provide a simple interface for a small work group where the members of the group can manage and follow-up their project files. On a simple interface they can follow-up the projects' files history and they can initiate the uploads and downloads to the local workstations.
It has written in Perl and using MySQL database for keeping tracking history and Rsync for file trasfers.


Server part: a linux system
webserver, mysql, php5, rsync and following perl CPAN modules:IO::Socket, DBI, File::Basename, utf8, File::Rsync, File::Copy, File::Path

Database: you should create a mysql database and a database user.

Client part: web browser, perl CPAN modules: IO::Socket, File::Rsync, File::Path


Download dProjects files

Project detail and discuss


The current release (2.0) is final version at 2010-02-14
Miklós Bán banm@vocs.unideb.hu